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RLC Ventures
From Wordpress to Webflow.

Webflow above all.

RLC Ventures are a VC firm based in London, and they recently got in touch and asked me to give them a fresh rebrand, and redesign their website. The idea behind the design was not only to give it a fresh coat of paint, but also appeal to a wide market and to aesthetically portray a professional yet friendly brand.

I went with a blue/purple to promote the trustworthy quality of the company, and went with big, bold, contrasting square shapes to appeal to modern and younger clientele.

One of the great parts of this project was the shift from Wordpress to Webflow. A lot of people still use Wordpress, and unfortunately in 2020, Wordpress is starting to slip and becomes sluggish, especially in the hands of inexperienced creators.

With Webflow, the building process is much more open to customisation and the end result is far better optimised. Having something to hand back to a client, that they can then edit themselves was very important in this case, and with a small learning curve, Webflow works very well.